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Brand Advances Unique group of media vehicles allow brands to engage digitally (desktop, tablet, mobile, and in-app ) across all tiers of diversity focussed publishers around the world. Just as importantly our contextual relevance targeting solution ensures your campaign reaches the ideal target audience for your campaign without collecting personal data: furthermore your advertising will be COPPA (US) & GDPR compliant


Digital advertising inventory in the BA Marketplace is bought on a PG basis, with DealIDs provided for all relevant Diversity channels in order to partake in our PMP. Our Ad Server can easily integrate with your current DSP in order to access our 'hard to reach' and in many cases (approx 70%) exclusive, diversity focussed audiences. This is perfect for brands who want to scale effectively within any of our diversity audience channels, and do so, in the safest, quickest and most efficient way.


Campaigns on the Brand Advance Server can be bought on a direct deal basis. Campaign is fully managed by our Client Services/Ad Operations teams. This is ideal for brands whose campaigns would benefit from human optimisation as well as creative input from our diversity focussed marketing experts - ensuring you have a dedicated external group of resources, focussed purely on the task of facilitating the success of your campaign goals.

Creative Diversity Network

Our creative diversity network delivers a wide range of services, we are proud to represent and help each and every brand that chooses us, helping them reach demographics within our diverse cultural network. From social, to content and print, as a creative diversity network, we understand that the key to meaningful brand growth is diversity in media. We know exactly how to boost your brand, enabling you to see growth within diverse communities.

Diversity Media

The Small Business Britain Podcast

In episode 3, Karen speaks to the inspiring Christopher Kenna, founder and CEO of Brand Advance - a cultural marketing agency that helps brands reach diversity and connects them with diverse audiences globally.

UK Advertising agencies pledge support to the black community by signing an open letter

Advertising trade bodies from the UK’s largest agencies have signed an open letter, pledging solidarity with the black community ...

My Media Hero: Christopher Kenna, Brand Advance

Christopher Kenna is CEO and Co-Founder of Brand Advance, a company which connect brands with diverse audiences globally, and the Director of Diversity and Inclusion at OUTvertising, the Advertising industry Lobbying Group.

Clear Channel and Brand Advance join forces with LGBTQ+ advertising proposition

Clear Channel has partnered with Brand Advance, the specialist agency that connects brands with diverse audiences, to create a unique advertising proposition, with full motion digital screens, located across a national network of LGBTQ+ bars and pubs.

Diversity: the key to meaningful brand growth

Ebiquity's Christian Polman reflects on the key takeouts from Mediatel's Future of Brands conference

Why can’t brands speak to both my kids?

Christopher Kenna, CEO & Co-Founder of Brand Advance explores the digital media landscape, brand safety and keyword blocking and invites brands to consider how they can reach every community.

Uplift in brands engaging demographics with culturally relevant advertising

Culture and commerce have always run side by side, as well as being a tightrope for brands to walk. Twitter and Magna partnered for a new study “The Impact of Culture”, showing just how much people on Twitter expect brands to be culturally relevant. This looked at how brands align with events, promoting trends defining today's culture, and supporting social issues which benefit everyone.

Targeting LGBTQ consumers shouldn’t just be for Pride season: CEO

Chris Kenna at Brand Advance tells CNBC’s James Wright why he’s concerned about brands’ overt support for LGBTQ communities during Pride.

The story behind the industry's first diversity-focused ad network

This year, Christopher Kenna, CEO and Co-founder of Brand Advance, was shortisted for Entrepreneur of Excellence at the National Diversity Awards, hosted in the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral.

Who will be speaking at The Telegraph Diversity and Inclusion conference

The Telegraph’s Diversity and Inclusion Conference will be the perfect platform to showcase how creating, developing and retaining an inclusive culture can lead to innovation and increased productivity.

ISBA Annual Conference 2020

The ISBA Annual Conference has been a key date in the diary for the advertising industry for over a decade. The theme of this year's conference is Advertising 3.0.

New awards shine a light on why military skills are good for business

Being a military veteran can carry a number of negative stigmas. However, they have a multitude of transferable skills which are ideal for the commercial world.

Amazon’s Alexa devices get transgender man’s voice for International Transgender Day of Visibility

'Voice of Trans' skill will allow Alexa users to hear a transgender man's story from childhood to his transition and beyond

“They said I couldn’t — so I did.” — Christopher Kenna

Today on Mel’s Talk, we share you the story of Christopher Kenna, founder of Brand Advance.


This year, Christopher Kenna, CEO and Co-founder of Brand Advance, was shortisted for Entrepreneur of Excellence at the National Diversity Awards, hosted in the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral.

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