Diversity Media publishers

Direct Campaign Monetization

Brand Advance. Is a SSP that prides it self for creating more inclusion for diversity media outlets in digital monetisation. Our direct campaign digital marketing strategy allows us to reach 100% fill rate on all IAB standard creative sizes allowing for more opportunities to maximize monetisation in diversity media.

Programmatic Monetization

Brand Advance offers direct programmatic campaigns for Tier 1 countries on premium CPM and for Tier 2 we offer 50/50 split partnership for our direct diversified supply partners. We have increased our market share in programmatic advertising in demand and supply which directly benefits our publishers monetization and increases the fill rate. We make sure our publishers have ads.txt in place which helps advertisers to run zero fraud campaigns with Brand Advance Group. Programmatic advertising spend is expected to grow around $100 billion which includes display and video advertising.

Cultural Intelligence

Cultural Intelligence is our new in-house platform that aims to enhance our client experience by supporting brands in reaching diverse communities. Our platform supplies instant access to data from a diverse range of stakeholders. This includes data from inclusive and progressive media campaigns, that are led by a variety of minority owned media outlets worldwide.

The intelligence section is a planners toolkit with multiple sources for insight into diverse communities. Find inspiration and insight for your planning with analysis of diverse content trends, benchmarks for sector surveys, structured media owner information, brand uplift, and key survey responses.

Here you will find reports built from diverse communities in Sentiment and also from wider sources through Deca. Expertly configured and structured by our diversity specialist team, these reports show how brands and issues, passion points and interests resonate with the many communities we connect to.